14 Best Blogspot Blog in 2022.

Best have come a long way in recent years, and it’s now easier than ever to create a professional-looking blog to share a hobby with like-minded people, express your opinions, and establish an online presence. 

These free blogging sites are aimed at hobbyist bloggers – blogs are created and managed online, and hosted on the blogging platform’s own servers. If you want to create a self-hosted blog, the downloadable version of WordPress is an excellent option, with total flexibility, support for third-party plugins, and as much storage as your hosting plan allows.

If you’re interested in making a static website rather than an online journal, take a look at our guide to the best free website builders.

Our advice would be to steer clear of free blogging sites if you can, as it isn’t always a good option for the majority. However, should you still want to proceed, we have made a list of the best blogging sites out there. 

Best in 2022

  1. Abystoreindia
  2. Abysecuritysolution
  3. WideinfowebLLC
  4. InfoBlog
  5. Womensizer
  6. Travelwithbhuvya

Blogger) is a good platform for blogging provided by 5 years agoApprox 60% of bloggers used only blogs for various niche like Education, , Technology, etc.

Some of Best Blogs that are hosted on Blogspot:

But now very few people are there who use the Blogger blogs due to lack of advanced features.

Now 80% of bloggers are using only WordPress because of the advanced features.

In WordPress, you can optimize your on-page easily with Yoast Plugin.

In WordPress, you can use various themes in just a single click.

In WordPress, you can design your content part.

A lot of features are there for WordPress users but not for Blogspot users.

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