Which Amazon Store Should You Use for Buying Books in 2022?

Which Amazon Store Should You Use for Buying Books in 2022: The Amazon store is currently available only in six different countries – USCanada,   FranceGermany,   Japan and United Kingdom – but the good part is that you can buy books from Amazon.com even if you are not located in one of these countries.

The prices of books can vary across Amazon sites and then there are variations due to the currency exchange rates and the shipping charges which are different for every country.

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Which Amazon Store is Selling your Book at the Cheapest Price?

If you are in UK, you’ll probably buy books from the Amazon.co.uk site while a person in US will prefer using the main Amazon.com site. That makes sense but what about international customers.

Assuming that you are in a country where Amazon doesn’t have an online shop (like India), should you use Amazon US store to buy books or the UK store since it’s physically closer so the shipping charges could be less. Well, you don’t have to do any maths yourself as there’s a new Amazon.com mashup called Cheap River that can help you compare and find the cheapest Amazon store for any particular book.

compare amazon book prices

Type a book name in the search box (it supports auto-complete), choose your country and Cheap River will search that title on all the Amazon stores (except Japan). It will then prepare a comparative chart listing the lowest book price as well as the standard international shipping rate for your country across all the stores.

Cheap River will show you the total amount that you’ll have to shell out in a common currency and also calculates the necessary shipping rates so you can quickly figure out which Amazon store is offering a book at the cheapest price (international shipping included).

CheapRiver.com searches these sites for item you are looking for and converts the resulting prices all to Euros. The service currently works only for English Language books that are listed on Amazon.

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PS: Amazon accounts are universal so if you have an account on amazon.com, it would work just fine on the amazon.co.uk. etc.

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