Best 10 Travel Blogs in India

Best 10 Blogs in : Who doesn’t love travelling? In case you don’t, you are missing out your purpose here on earth. this beautiful planet has lots remaining to be witnessed. More than just witnessing, the creator created this masterpiece to be experienced. We have some angels here on this planet who take us through breathtaking ‘heaven on earth’ kind of destinations and give us a look into the cultures, people, food and livelihood of these maps. We bring to you the Best 10 travel in India, the ones we think deserve mention!



As the name suggests, this is owned by a gentleman who loves exploring India on his bike! A road journey lover travels all through the country on his motorbike and brings to you exquisite places which you never thought exist here. Venkat Ganesh is the person we are talking about. He quit his job to explore the nation, owing to his immense passion for travel. He says , “Its all about packing all your necessities in a backpack, putting it on and stepping on the road (with, without or in spite of a motorbike) and having – as Green Day would say – The time of your life.” These words are enough for you to bookmark this one!


Best 10 Travel Blogs in India

The very moment you are on this one, you know why the name of the blog is such. Siddhartha Joshi, who owns this blog is a product designer by profession. His love for travel made him start this blog and showcase what he sees to the world through a single window! His blog is neat and you will experience a culture rush as soon as you are on it. A very detailed blogger not only in his words but also in his pictorial representation. Aesthetic sense could not be more fascinating than this. A must visit to this one if you love to explore beauty and culture of places across the nation and the globe.


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Sankara is a well known personality among travel bloggers in India. He has been featured by media and travel (both domestic and international) brands. This itself speaks volumes about how amazing his blog must be. The best part about ‘BeOnTheRoad‘ is the outstanding photos. You will not be able to get your eyes off these as they seem more than just realistic. His accolades? His articles have been read by people from Deccan Chronicle Newspaper and the National Geographic Traveler magazine! Need we say more?



As the name suggests, this one is rustic, ethnic and gives insights into all the places in India that can be visited by families. He also talks of solo traveling but sticks to family outings for the most part. He also talks of his trips to foreign lands giving a detailed intervention into his experiences. The very interesting blog was started by Prasad Np, who was also nominated for Indian Blogger Award. For those who love discovering and experiencing new places from a beautiful point of view, you can not miss this one.

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Best 10 in India



Do you love adventure and are always waiting to pack your bags and venture out into the wild side of nature? Neelima is the person to go to. Her blog is full of adventure trips and experiences. Her love for Himalayas and the Western Ghats is well evident in the blog and being an adventure lover, those places can just not be missed. She tells you about the most unconventional places you can go to. To decode the adventure traveler in you, her blog is an awakening call. You NEED this blog.



Joshi Daniel is my personal favorite and just go to his blog once. You will come back telling me he is your favorite too. A photo blogger who takes you through places and cultures through just images is worth a mention here. Who needs words? Take a look at the image I have put here and if you can call it anything less than breathtaking then you must not have an eye for detail. His skill is more than enough to dissolve you in an ocean of exquisite photos. And if you think I am exaggerating the admiration, you should visit his blog to believe me. Not to forget, his photo blog was a part of ’20 Most outstanding photo blogs’ in the 2012 Photo Blog Awards.

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Any lady who sets her mind on something can not leave it half done. Bhuvashali Natarajan is one such person who cites experiences so well that her blog ‘My Travelogue‘ has been chosen several times under the top 30 travel blogs in India. An explorer to the core, she gives you the right places you need to go to if you really call yourself a traveler. Mention in our Top 10 is a well deserved one.



Ankita Sinha is one crazy and stylish traveler. The smart lass has traveled 12 international destinations in only two years! She discovers beautiful corners of this world with her love for travel and exploration. Her undying passion for discovering new places has taken her blog upward to success. Read her experiences and imagine yourself right there where she was. You would definitely not want to miss out on this one!

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Ajay Jain, the man behind, is an expert in giving you every bit of information about various places. His blog acts as a guide for those who want to know everything about any place before visiting it. His style of writing will have your eyes glued to the screen and you will want to jump right into your PC and be at that place! The images and videos do good justice to his pieces and you will keep coming back to the blog for more. Worth all your time!



Best 10 Travel Blogs in India: We have a fun loving and wandering spirit here. Anita Bora, the lady behind this really fun blog called ‘Just a Little Something‘, has made this blog worth a mention in the list of top travel blogs in India! she has had the luxury to live in most parts of India. Her love for travel adds to this and gives us one of the to devour. Mix of travel and cultures can be found in her blog which makes it far from mundane. Bookmark this for a refreshing travel to another place just by sitting where you are!

This was our list of Best 10 travel blogs in India. This list is not in any order or arrangement since we love all of these blogs equally and they are very diverse in the kind of content they deliver. We suggest you go through these and let us know which one did you like the most? We will wait for your answers lest you get lost in the beautiful landscapes presented in one of the blogs! We will be back soon. Until then, Experience Exploration!

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