List of the Best Travel Blogger in India

Best Blogger in India: We had released this list last year, but since then many other new bloggers have come up and few had missed this list because they were travelling at that point of time. So we have taken all the request, checked many more blogs and have added a few more which deserved to be on this list!

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A few days back, Holidify had called out to all the travel bloggers in India with a chance to get featured in The Ultimate List of the Top Travel Bloggers in India.

The response we received was amazing – over 300 bloggers signed up for our project ‘India’s Top Travel Bloggers’! However, only the best travel bloggers in India made the cut by providing us quality, reliable reads.

Apart from Holidify, which is known for having a wide database of every kind of travel destination in India, we bring you all the ‘must-see’ blogs. Now you know where to look when Google doesn’t show you the desired search results!

We have divided this list into 10 categories so that you may easily find what you are looking for. In terms of blogs, all the categories do overlap but they have been divided so on the basis of the general impression which the blogs give out.

1. Most Informative Travel Blogs in India:

These travel bloggers in India have a keen eye for detail and have (almost exhaustively, in some cases) jotted down relevant information – what to do, where to go, where to stay and other travel tips which may come in handy when you visit any of the destinations which they talk about it their blog.

best travel blogger in india

1. Anuradha Goyal – IndiTales

2. Anuradha Shankar – A Wandering Mind

3. Iris Isac – Kerela Tourism Blog

4. Umang Trivedi – Travelmax

5. Rangan Datta – Rangan Datta – Travel Writer and Photographer

6. Oindrila De – Oindrila Goes Footloose

7. Vishnu Kumar – Thinking Particle

8. Nilabh Ranjan – Travelescape

9. Vrinda Maheshwari – Ghoomle Yaar

10. Prachi Garg –

11. Gaurav Kumar Srivastava – Former Tourist

12. Ankita Shreeram – Trail-Stained Fingers

13. Adyasha Dash – The Wandering Mind

14. Megha Jamb – Travelling Is

15. Rohan – Travelerlust

16. Shilpa Mary George – Chasing Sunsets

17. Swati Saxena – Lost In Maps

18. Ruby Singh – Life and Its Experiments

19. Pooja – Travel Jots

20. Shilpa Balakrishnan – The Satori Saga

21. Surya – Travel Rope

22. Parampara Patil Hashmi and Parichay Mehta – Awara Diaries

23. Yayawar- Yayawar – Aawaara Kahin Ka Nahin!

24. Rajiv Verma- Webguy Travel Tales

25. Ankit Kumar Parsurampuria, Ambrish Rawat- 90% Humour

26. Amit Sengupta – Travel Flat

27. Bhuvnesh Bhushan – Travelurcity

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Top Travel Blogs about Offbeat Destinations: 

If you want to explore underrated and hidden destinations and are looking for information on the same, we have a plethora of Offbeat Travel Blogs for you by the top travel bloggers in India! These have been hand picked by us especially for those looking for an unconventional holiday.

Best Travel Blogger

1. Parnashree Devi – My Travel Diary

2. Archana Singh – Travel See Write

3. Snigdha Jain – Get Set and Go

4. Nisha Jha – Le Monde – A Poetic Travel

5. Divya Prasad – Obsessive Compulsive Traveller

6. Antarik Anwesan – On Second Thoughts

7. M.A. Razzaq Siddiqui – Razzaq Was Here

8. Shubham Mansingka – A Boy Who Travels

9. Aakash Mehrotra – Hand of Colors

10. Shruti Shah – Pop of Joy

11. Manish Kumar – मुसाफ़िर हूँ यारों.. Musafir Hoon Yaaron

12. Leena Bansal – Walking Shoes

13. Gitanjali Banerjee – Travel by Karma

14. Hari Narayana – India That Was

15. Yayawar – Yayawar – Aawaara Kahin Ka Nahin!

16. Vaisakhi Mishra – Just Words

17. Srijal Sahu – Srijalism

18. Shailza Sood Dasgupta- Flight of a little bird

19. Ami Bhat- Thrilling Travel

20. Nirdesh Kumar Singh- Just Tripping

21. Deepika Gumaste- Feet on the Map

22. Sindhu, Shruthi, Srishar- The Interlude Journey

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Top Blogs Led By Solo Woman Travellers:

We believe that one woman’s experience travelling solo might inspire others to travel to their next dream destination by themselves. Why travelling alone is an amazing experience is something you should discover for yourself, but we can and will help you out if you have any questions, concerns and doubts regarding the same. For this reason, we bring to you the best solo women travelers’ blogs which give you deep insight into where to travel, the do’s and don’t’s, their tales of adventure, health and safety tips and much more! Best Travel Blogger in India

Best Travel Blogger

1. Shivya Nath – The Shooting Star

2. Lakshmi Sharath – Travel Blog of an Indian Backpacker

3. Elita – Have Feet Will Travel

4. Deepti Asthana – DA Travelography

5. Namita Kulkarni –  Radically Ever After

6. Rutavi Mehta – Photo Katha

7. Priyanka Dalal – Maproute – Adventures of a Solo Traveller

8. Medhavi Davda – Ravenous Legs

9. Swati Jain – Buoyant Feet

10. Reshma Narasing- The Solo Globetrotter

11. Rathina Sankari- Rathina’s View Space

12. Bidisha Banik- Resfeber18

13. Divyakshi Gupta QuirkyWanderer

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Top Travel Blogs Led By Couples: 

There are some who travel solo and there are some who travel with friends. But these travel bloggers in India claim that there is nothing in the world that makes them more happy than travelling with their better halves!

Best Travel Blogger

1. Revati & Charles Victor – Different Doors

2. Param & Shikha – The Untourists

3. Johanne & Nicolas – Cheese Naan

4. Sonia & Ankur – Ticking the Bucketlist

5. Poorna & Brinda – Travel Twosome

6. Swati & Sam – The Tales of a Traveler

7. Ashray & Zara – Backpack ME

8. Puru & Ekta – Shadows Galore

9. Ram & Reshma – Road Less Travelled

10. Sandeepa & Chetan – SandeepaChetan’s Travel Blog

11.Purba  and Siddhartha – Four Blissful Feet

12. Rishabh and Nirali- Gypsy Couple

13. Sandy and Vyjay – Voyager

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Top Blogs about travelling in India by Non-Indians: 

This list is especially for people planning a to India who are keen on reading up on other foreign travelers’ experiences about their trips. Read how some found Nirvana in the hills of Himachal while some couldn’t stop gawking at the cows of Jaipur!

Best Travel Blogger

1. Mariellen Ward – Breathe Dream Go

2. Rachel Jones – Hippie in Heels

3. Wayne Seto – Tao West Ventures

4. Jacomijn – Safe and Healthy Travel

5. Stephanie Langlet – Amatu Artea

6. Cara Tabron – Travel among Travels: India

7. Asher Fergusson – 201 India Travel Tips: The Ultimate Survival Guide

8. Anna Phipps- Global Gallavanting 

Top Blogs About Road Trips: 

These travel bloggers in India tell you about their journey to amazing travel destinations across beautiful hills, valleys and highways – be it by cars, bikes or even cycles! They also give you valuable information about which routes to take, where even your GPS might fail.You may probably get an adrenaline kick just reading (and in Motoreels’ case – watching) about their adventures. Best Travel Blogger in India

Best Travel Blogger in India

Road Trip Travellers

1. Dheeraj Sharma – Devil On Wheels

2. Motoreels – Motoreels

3. Thommen Jose – Wanderink – Way to Go

4. Jatin Adlakha – A Traveler’s Odyssey

5.  Gaurav Jain – Election on Cycle

6. Himanshu Barsainya- Everything Candid

7. Angkan Chanda – Horizon Trotter

8. Prateek Mishra – Trips and Tales

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Top Photo Bloggers: 

Pictures speak a thousand words and these travel bloggers bring you uncountable experiences in the form of photologues. They capture activities, emotions and the beauty of nature, wildlife and people. Best Travel Blogger in India.

Best Travel Blogger in India

1. Arun Bhat – India Travel & Photography Blog

2. Prasad Np – Desi Traveler 

3. Sanghita Nandi – A Traveller’s Diary

4. Siddhartha Joshi – Sid The Wanderer

5. Ajay Sood – Travelure

6. Sujoy R. Das – Trekking and Photography in the Himalaya

7. Upendra Swami – Vagabond Images

8. Abhi Surendran – I Am Not Home

9. Siddhartha Joshi- The Wanderer

10. Srinivasa – Photo Mithra

11. Vijay Nambiar – Feel Free or Fly

12. Nitin Bothra – Memoirs of a Traveloholic

13. Wanderlost Nomads – Wander Days

14.  Aman Chotani – Aman Chotani Photography

15. Dhiren Shah – Hitchy’s World

16. Pratap J – Pixel Shooter

17. Swati Saxena- Lost in Maps

18. VJ Sharma- Photo Journey with

19. Anindya Sundar Basu- Pikturenama

Top Travel & Lifestyle Bloggers:  

These are the top travel bloggers in India who blog about anything under the sun related to travel – food, customs, traditions, fashion, souvenirs and more. Best Travel Blogger in India

Best Travel Blogger in India

1. Roxanne Bamboat – The Tiny Taster

2. Manjulika Pramod – Pendown

3. Madhu Shetty – Urge to Wander

4. Arvind Passey – The Real Fiction

5. Sangeeta Das – Life is a Vacation

6. Upasna Verma – Life on my Plate

7. Divya Rai – A Borrowed Backpack

8. Shraddha Gupta – Street Trotter

9. Sushmita Sarkar – My Unfinished Life

10. Pooja – Wondorluhst

11. Bharti – Suitcase of Stories

12. Ayandrali Dutta – Scattered Expressions

13. Tarun Gaur – My Greedy Backpack

14. Tanushree – Travelholic You

15. Akanksha Dureja – Direct Dil Se

16. Gulshan Bafna – Exciting Traveler

17. Shraddha Chauhan  – Kainat’s Kaleidoscope

18. Elsie Gabriel – My Travel Footprints

19. Salonee Sanghvi – Foodalong

20. Antara Ray – Antypasti

21. Indrani Ghose –i Share

22. Ragini Puri – From My Window Seat

23. Suprio Bose- Suprio Bose Travel Diaries

24. Mridula Dwivedi- Travel Tales from India & Abroad

25. Salonee Sanghvi- Foodalong

26. Swayam Tiwari- India Travel Blog

27. Pooja Bhatt- Chill Karo Yaar

28. Aditi Mathur Kumar-Aditi’s Monologue

29. Nisha Jha – Le Monde – A Poetic Travel

30. Sachin Bhandary and Mohit Pradhan – Eccentrics

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Top Adventurous Backpackers who Blog:

We admire people who stuff all their belongings into a sack and are hop on from one adventure to the next. These travel bloggers in India write about their treks to hills, beaches, roads and valleys, and have valuable insights (routes taken, where to camp, how to pack your bag etc.) to offer to those who plan on backpacking across the country.

Best Travel Blogger in India

1. Avanish Maurya – Solo Backpacker

2. Shally Makin – Rootsvida

3. Sanket Thodge – Being Buoyancist 

4. Jitaditya Narzary – Traveling Slacker

5. Nikhil Jain – Sunrise | Sunset

6. Abhinav Singh – Soul Window

7. Satyajith Jammu – An Indian’s Travelogue

8. Shubhajit Chakraborty- Wacky Wanderlust

For those of you interested in learning about various temples across India or religious festivals that take place in the country, do give these blogs a look. However, they don’t talk about just spiritual travel. You may find information on offbeat destinations as well!

Best Travel Blogger in India

1. Arti – My Yatra Diary

2. Padmapriya T S –  Aalayam Kanden

3. Bhushavali – My Travelogue

4.  Aarti – The Wandering Soul

Hope You Like Our Post the Best Travel Blogger in India. Keep Sharing and Have a Wonder Journey With these Travel Blogger Tips.

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