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Find Best Hotels in India on Travelurcity

Travelurcity helps you to book your hotels at the comfort of your home, in the most easy and hassle-free manner. From area-specific hotel searches to finding you the right hotels based on your choice of amenities according to your budget, we provide you with the best results for hotels in India, ensuring that you enjoy the best rates on each of your hotel bookings.

Amazing Hotel Deals Online

You can book your hotels here and enjoy amazing Travelurcity hotel deals and cashbacks on each hotel booking done on the platform. Use our valid promocodes and make the most of the current offers.

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Enhanced Hotel Booking Experience Guaranteed

With Travelurcity by your side, you can be assured of easier and quicker hotel booking experience online. We allow you to search for hotels based on the locality, amenities, price range, star ratings, themes and property types. We ensure that you get what you want, in just a few clicks!

Best Price Assured

One of the major concerns of booking on hotel booking websites will be whether you are offered the best at the best rates available. Forget your worries, and try booking with Travelurcity. You can not only make sure that the best rates are displayed on the site, you would also find the best stay options that match with your expectations and preferences, allowing you to enjoy a relaxed stay.

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FAQs on Hotel Bookings on Travelurcity

Q. How can I book my hotels on Travelurcity ?

Ans: You can logon to, enter the city and other required parameters, and click Search. This will take you to a list of options from where you can pick the best hotel based on your preferences.

Q. Where can I find the cheapest hotels online?

Ans: The best way to find the cheapest and affordable hotels is to book via Travelurcity Hotels. We provide you a vast variety of hotels that fit in your budget.

Q. How can I get the cheapest hotel deals online?

Ans: By booking your hotel on Travelurcity, you can be assured of guaranteed cashback on your hotel bookings. To ensure that you get the best deal on your hotel bookings, it is advised to book hotels three to four weeks prior to the desired travel date. This also gives you enough time to watch the price trends on multiple sites as well.

Q. How can I cancel my hotel reservation on Travelurcity?

Ans: You can cancel the booking as per the cancellation policy mentioned on the voucher. Please contact us through the 24X7 help section in the app after selecting the order that has to be cancelled.

Q. What are the cancellation charges for hotel bookings on Travelurcity?

Ans: The hotel booking refund is controlled by the respective hotels and not Travelurcity. Hence, the policies don’t allow a complete refund of the charges incurred. The amount refunded, if any, would be according to the hotel’s terms and conditions.

Q. What benefits can I get by booking hotels on Travelurcity?

Ans: When booking directly with the hotels, you may not receive attractive offers or discounts on your bookings. However, booking through Travelurcity would help you save on your bookings. Apart from exclusive Hotel offers on Travelurcity, you will get attractive cashbacks and discount vouchers on bus and flight tickets, along with other Travelurcity services.

Ans: The hotel prices may tend to fluctuate based on how often you check, and whether it is season or off-season for the particular city’s hotels.

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