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There is no denying the fact that if you really want to get the real Indian experience you need to by Indian Railways. However, the real test lies in finding the train that is best suited. In spite of the comprehensible railway enquiry system at the stations, figuring the system out can take some getting used to. train booking: The thousands of trains between stations that run the length and breadth of the country can leave you indecisive and confused. Well, not anymore! helps you to understand the Indian Railway system tatkal booking time and the IRCTC schedule.

Over the years different types of trains have been added to enhance the ease and comfort of its passengers. Here is a list of some of the popular trains that you should be aware of. Also, when going for a train enquiry between two stations knowing these trains tatkal booking time will definitely be of help:

Intercity: These trains run between two major cities and complete a round within a day. It only has chair cars and second sitters.

Rajdhani: Connecting some of the major cities of India with the capital city of New Delhi, this is the highest priority Indian Railways train between stations and is fully air-conditioned.

Shatabdi: These are fast trains that connect the metropolitan cities with other important cities that are known for pilgrimage, , business etc.

Garib Rath: These fully air-conditioned trains tatkal booking time are highly affordable what with their fare being just 2/3rd of the fare of other air-conditioned trains.

Duronto: Long-distance trains with limited stops, these trains connect major state capitals and metropolitan cities of the country.

train ticket booking Other than these, there are also super fast trains, express trains, Jan Shatabdi, Mail, Rajya Rani and Jansadharan.

Just knowing the train schedule between two stations is not enough. If you want to enjoy your train journey, you need to know:

  • Duration of the journey: Train timings between two stations for different trains may vary. So, it is important to consider the duration of the journey of a train before booking your ticket.
  • Stations on the way:Not all trains start and end as per your wish. Sometimes, you have to make do with a train that would stop at a station for a few odd minutes. Thus, when looking for a train, make sure to check the train schedule between two stations to ensure that it stops at the station of your choice.
  • Arrival Timing:In case you are travelling to a place on a pre-planned schedule, you just can’t afford to be late. Check the Indian Railway timetable between two stations to find the arrival time of the train at the destination station. It would be a good idea to keep some buffer timing, in case there are any delays.
  • Fare:Whether you are booking a ticket online or at the station make sure to check for the affordability of the fare.

Each day, thousands of Indian Railway trains between stations make their way across the country. If you have a destination in mind, there is a train for you. All you need to do is log on to the website and enjoy a hassle-free time charting out your train journey. The Trains List is based on the IRCTC train schedule which helps you to search for the train that is headed to the destination of your choice.

The trains list on lists details like train seat availability Train Number, Train Name, Starting Point and Destination. This is surely a simpler way to find a train than asking for details at the train enquiry between two stations. By clicking on the Train Name, you can get details like starting time of the train, the various stations it passes through and train timing between two stations, duration of the journey, the distance covered and the halting time at each station.

When you click on the name of the city, which is the starting point, you will get a list of all the trains that start from that city and go to different parts of the country. train seat availability It will also show the days on which these trains operate. By clicking on a station name that is an End Point, you will get the details of the trains that start from this station or end here along with days on which these trains operate.

Finding an Indian Railway train between two stations that best suits your journey train seat availability can be a task. But, thanks to, you can now easily find the perfect train for your next journey without having to wait in long queues at the railway enquiry counter or burying yourself in long online searches.

Check out the train list on to get the train timings and train schedules between two stations and get going. Finding the best train for your journey was never this easy, you’d agree!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. On an average how many trains of the Indian Railways operate on any given day?

About 11,000 trains operate every day.

2. Which train travels longest across a route without any stops?

The Trivandrum-Nizamuddin Rajdhani Express travels from Vadodara to Kota in 6.5 hours without any stop.train seat availability The distance between these two stations is 528 km.

3. Which is the fastest and slowest train of the Indian Railways?

With a maximum speed of 150kmph, the New Delhi-Bhopal Express is the fastest train operated by the Indian Railways. The Nilgiri Express that travels at a speed of 10kmph is the Indian Railways’ slowest train.

4. How do I find names of the various trains that start or pass from a station of my choice?

Just click on the name of the station of your choice under the “Starts” heading in the train list. You will get the list of all the trains that start or pass through the station.

5. How can I find the arrival/departure time of a particular train at an intermittent station on its route?

On the train list, click on the name of the train. You will be directed to a new page where you will get the details of all the stations it passes through along with the arrival/departure time and the duration of stoppage.

6. Can I find the duration of the journey on the train list?

Yes, by clicking on the name of a train, you can get the duration of the journey to any particular station. This is specified in terms of number of days.

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